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A two-year old tortoiseshell cat abandoned in a cardboard box outside a Louisiana Humane Society has a new lifesaving job.  

It all started when the Louisiana Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center was looking for a cat or two to serve as blood donors for other sick cats.  They contacted the St. Tammany Humane Society looking for a cat of a certain size, age and most importantly one who was comfortable being handled by different people on a daily basis.  Peony fit the bill.

Peony will be in service for one year providng blood for her fellow felines in need.  After that she’ll return to the St. Tammany Humane Society where hopefully her service will be rewarded with a new permanent home.

Original article published by Suzanne Le Bretonin the St. Tammany News on Sunday, June 20, 2010

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My Aunt Dorothy disliked cats but whenever she visited us our cat, Sam, seemed obsessed with her.  He would hang out next to her chair and would even try to jump in her lap.   In general Sam ignored me and my sister who were always fussing over him and would have loved it if  he gave us that much attention.  Recently I learned about the cat behavior that helps to explain this. 

If you are a cat owner, you have probably noticed your cat rubbing or brushing against furniture and other household items.   He especially wants to examine everything new, walking around it, brushing against it and examining it from all angles.  It seems like he is just curious, but in fact your cat is putting his scent is on those things, making it clear that the room and the objects in it are part of his territory. In cat terms, your whole house and everything in it belongs to the cat.

For the same reason your cat will rub against any strangers who come into your house, and do the same to you if you have been out any place where there were other cats. It seems like he is welcoming you home, and he is, in a way………….your cat is making you its property again.

This is why your cat seems to target people who have pet allergies or just don’t really like cats. Most people will happily let a cat rub around their legs as soon as they walk in the door, or they may even stroke it or let it lick their fingers.  Once that has happened the cat’s job is done. Those people have been accepted and your cat can ignore them for the rest of their visit.  But people who generally dislike cats will avoid them and so the laws of cat behavior require that your cat keeps on trying to get close to them!

This persistent behavior makes it seem like cats love people who don’t like them!

By the way, Sam’s persistence paid off, eventually my Aunt Dorothy grew to like Sam (isn’t that always the way with people who think they don’t like cats?)

Visit our website for more information about cats.

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The Paw Project, a non-profit animal advocacy organization, unveiled this dramatic new billboard to educate the public about the harmful consequences of feline de-clawing.

De-clawing surgery is commonly performed in the U.S. to prevent cats from scratching furniture. Since a cat’s claw grows from within the last bone of its toe, de-clawing requires an amputation at the last “knuckle.”

“Declawing is one of the most painful surgeries routinely performed by veterinarians, and it can result in serious physical and behavioral complications,” said Jennifer Conrad, DVM, who founded The Paw Project in 2000 to promote public awareness about the crippling effects of de-clawing, to rehabilitate de-clawed cats through reparative surgery, and to support measures to eradicate de-clawing.

As a result of The Paw Project’s efforts, California now bans declawing of captive wild and exotic cats, the USDA forbids its nationwide licensees from de-clawing exotic and wild animals, and West Hollywood prohibits declawing of all animals, including domestic cats.

For more information about declawing, visit and read More than a Manicure – Declaw Information.

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Orphan Kittens


Each year Adopt A Stay rescues kittens who are found without a mother and are too young to survive on their own.  Feeding and caring for these kittens is an around the clock job.  They need to be fed every 3 hours, their bladders and bowels need to be stimulated and they are weighed after each meal. Fortunately Adopt A Stray has some dedicated volunteers who willingly take on this job to save the precious lives of these babies.  The kittens are affectionately called “bottle babies” and are typically very confident, friendly kittens because of their constant human contact.   They are ready for adoption when they reach 2.2 pounds and can be spayed and neutered.

If you find yourself caring for orphan kittens, click here for information about caring for them

If you are interested in adopting a cat or kitten, click here to view and read about the cats and kittens ready to be adopted. 


I love milk!



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Peace Talks


 Unfortunately for Peace, her street mom had Feline Aids (FIV) and Peace was born with it.  But fortunately for Peace, we know that FIV is not a death sentence.  FIV cats live long and healthly lives when they have a loving home and do not have to suffer the hardships of street life.  We also know that FIV is not contagious to humans and only transferred to other cats through sexual activity or aggressive territorial fighting (blood transfer). Therefore, FIV positive cats can easily live in a loving home with other cats.  (click here for more information about FIV)

Peace currently lives with 5 other cats, her energy is infectious. She is a very active kitty and loves to run and play with toys or the other cats and then curl up next to a human when she needs a little time out.  She purrs so loud it almost drowns out the TV.   She quickly learned the idiocycrasies of the other cats in the house.  For example, my orange tabby doesn’t like to be chased and he would hiss at her to let her know…..but soon he would just stop running and she’d fly by him – sometimes she even patted his butt as she went by.  How cute is that?

Peace is a “flopper”.  Every so often she stops playing long enough to come up next to me put her head down and just let the rest of her little body “flop” down on me or next to me.  She not only does this to me, but occasionally walks up to one of my other cats and “flops” on top of them.   She always wants to sleep with you and can become your ”feline alarm clock” .  Once she gets use to what time you get up she likes to walk on you and purr loudly at that time each morning.    What a great way to wake up!

If you are interested in adding this wonderful cat to your home e-mail us at or call 954-966-8382 or fill out our online application at

One more thing , despite her loving personality, for some reason Peace does have it in for paper towels???? 

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Second Chances

Chance has already lived a few of his nine lifes and is hoping to find a great home to live out the rest. 

He is a wide-eyed cat who looks directly into your eyes and into your soul.  He loves to just “hang out” with you, following you from room to room.  When he’s ”happy” he’s has a loud soothing purr, but if you’re doing something he doesn’t like, he has no problem letting you know. 

If you’ve got a big heart and like this wide-eyed cat, please consider taking a chance on Chance.   Click here for more pictures and information about Chance.


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   When humans domesticated cats, we took on the responsibility for their health and welfare. Part of that responsibility is to keep cats safe and in good health. For those who are still letting their cats roam free, consider these top reasons to keep cats indoors. 

  • Indoor Cats Do Not Get Hit by Cars
  • Indoor Cats Are Safe From Predators and Dog Packs
  • Indoor Cats Don’t Create Neighbor Problems
  • Indoor Cats Rarely Get Abscesses From Fighting
  • Indoor Cats Are Safe From Human Abuse
  • Indoor Cats Can Get Plenty of Exercise
  • Indoor Cats Don’t Get Lost
  • Indoor Cats Are Not Stolen
  • Indoor Cats Are Not Taken by Bunchers who Sell Cats to Laboratories for Research
  • Indoor Cats Are Always Available Whenever You Need to Smile

For more information about keeping your cat safe indoors and other cat care articles visit

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